The Aeshaali raiders were once a seaborne people, never staying in one place longer than it took to pillage it of everything of value. 

This all changed about 15 years ago, when without warning they began conquering territory that had been controlled by the Silineans and Emerians. 

The attack was so sudden and unexpected that the Silineans were barely able to pose a defense. The Emerians, however, used their immense wealth and magical abilities to stop the invaders at the Tertan Crossroads. 

Aeshaal is populated by two distinct groups of people, those that were there before the invasion, and the conquering Aeshaali. The natives are divided into Emerian and Silinean populations, they remain distinct and separate but are united under the Aeshaali occupation. 

The Aeshaali are transitioning from raiding to occupation, many were not prepared for this transition and hold to their raiding ways, although they do so on land rather than from sea. 


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