The Second Age

The second age was a golden age for the mortal races of Saoghal. The gods gave them countless gifts, in the form of knowledge and understanding of the world they had fashioned. But the whims of the gods are fickle, and as the mortals began maturing, the gods attention was drawn away from Saoghul, to where, no mortal could know. 

This age saw the beginnings of mortal civilisation form, and the beginnings of kingdoms and empires emerge. These empires fought multiple conflicts during this time, as they established borders and stretched to claim as much of the lands as they could. 

The end of the age began with the formation of the Emirix Council, a group composed of representatives from each of the warring kingdoms, that worked to end the conflict and bring a lasting peace to the land. Lord Alestor Emirix was the architect of this council, he was a minor noble from the Arcanology of Aztri who saw the suffering the endless conflicts were causing and bent his considerable resources, both financial and personal, toward ending the wars. 

The council succeeded in ending the wars and conflict that ravaged the lands, bringing to end the second age with the promise of a golden age to come.

The Second Age

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