The island of Nerax is home of the world's oldest nation, the Dragonborn empire of Drax'is. 

It differs from almost every other corner of the known world in one key way, the cataclysm that gave birth to the Shattered Coast left Nerax almost entirely untouched.

As such the cataclysm had very little impact upon the day-to-day operation of the empire. 

The Empire of Drax'is was founded by displaced Dragonborn refugees, as time passed the Dragonborn spread to encompass much of the island, establishing cities and towns along the coastlines. During this time of expansion the dragonborn traded with the still young nation of Arax, welcoming members of many other races into it's borders and establishing itself as a rich cultural melting-pot. 

Some communities that were essential linchpins for trade began making decisions that had follow on effects to other areas in Nerax, causing divides to form between particular communities. The dragonborn primarchs, the eldest of the dragonborn called for unity, and formed the Primacy Council as a way of bringing the leaders of each community together, regardless of race or origin. 

The Council initially worked well, with each community having equal say in decisions, but as time passed relationships began to form amongst members of the council that followed racial lines. Many of the northern coastal communities were heavily populated by human and elf immigrants, whilst the warmer southern settlements appealed to the dragonborn. The northern tribes, however, monopolised the trade with Arax, whilst the southern towns struggled to subsist. The Council was gradually influenced to recognise the wealthier northern communities more favourably than their poorer southern counterparts. 

As more and more dragonborn felt that their home had been 'stolen' from them, and racial tensions began to boil over, a charismatic leader arose to champion a hitherto unheard of cause, isolation. 

The humans, this policy argued, wielded the power granted to them by foreign wealth. Closing the borders would rob them of that power and force dragonborn and human alike to rely more on themselves and less on others. The concept was simple, but it was taken up by many, not only amongst the dragonborn, but any who felt downtrodden and underclass. 

The Council, with the voices of the assembled people echoing through their chamber like the braying of wild dogs, adopted the policy of isolation, and elevated the leader of this cause, Drax'en, to Chief Primarch, a position thought entirely ceremonial at the time. 

Within a decade many humans, elves, orcs and gnomes had been driven from the shores of Nerax. All port towns were converted into fishing harbours, or abandoned. All trade to and from the nation ended and a veil fell over the nation as information about it ceased to flow. Barely within 15 years the nation of Nerax had become a faded memory to most other nations.

During the isolation the Primacy Council was transformed into the Imperial Primacy, with Primarch Emporer Drax'en as sole leader of the nation. All non-dragonborn races were stripped of citizenship and any that didn't leave when they had their chance were relegated to ghettos in the large cities. 

On the night of the cataclysm the entire nation could see the ball of coruscating light that marked the end of Arax, but none knew what it was. It wasn't until the sands on their beaches began turning black that they realised something truly terrible had happened. 

The Empire today is very much as it was, the beaches are still stained black with whatever evil occurred that night. The fish caught along the eastern coast are invariably twisted and utterly inedible. Though in recent weeks stories have reached some members of the Primacy, stories that tell of human raiders fighting in some of the south-western cities, humans that fought wildly and without fear of death, as if whatever drove them to the land was far, far worse.


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