The Arcanocracy of Arix suffered the most from the cataclysm, with much of it's landmass decimated and every one of it's cities destroyed, the small group of surviving minor arcan-lords attempted to reform the ruling Council of Eight. They met with little success, with few of the remaining nobilii recognising their barely superior rank. Gradually this defacto Council of Eight disbanded, the remaining settlements of Arix each forming their own governing bodies and militia. 

As time passed these disparate cities each attempted to re-unite the Arix of old, fighting skirmishes against each other, forming alliances and committing betrayals for over 80 years until a leader emerged that was able to bind several of the cities together under his banner. 

This leader, who took the name Artulus Emerix, after a great uniter of old, managed to bring many of the cities to his side, those he couldn't he destroyed. From the ashes of this 'reunification' emerged Emeria.

Within the mountains that line the Shattered Sea lies untold mineral wealth, in both iron and gold, but also in a strange new mineral, dur'akta, a metal stronger than steel that can hold it's edge indefinitely and is extremely easy to enchant.



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