Of all the nations to survive the apocalypse Achax was the most heavily affected. The apocalypse caused seismic shifts in the oceans surrounding it, which in turn caused a monumental tidal wave. Achax bore the brunt of this wave, seeing much of the human civilisation that existed there killed in the drowning flood that followed. 

The population was reduced by nearly four fifths as a result of the disaster, leaving too few people to work what remained of the arable land. In desperation the newly appointed king turned to his advisor, who had a controversial solution. 

Using necromantic ceremonies the bodies interned within the tombs below the capital city rose to assist in the rebuilding of the cities and towns that were lost. 

The advisor knew that raising anyone who had died a violent or sudden death would turn into malign undead, so the dead that had died as a result of the wave were interred in freshly built tombs, most of which built by the small army of undead that now served the kingdom. 

Since then the population of Achax has declined, as each person who dies of natural causes is raised to serve the people once more. Even the Ableeshi raiders avoid Achax now, as the stories of the walking dead armies give even the most hardened of raider pause. 


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