Eldritch Mysteries

The Butcher Attacks!

The heroes each discovered that Aeshaali raiders were attacking. Initially the group each attempted to engage a small group of these raiders in combat seperately, before it became obvious the attackers were more than a match for them individually. 
When the heroes started helping each other they quickly discovered that they were a force to be reckoned with! 
The first group of raiders were dispatched in time for the heroes to discover a larger attack, led by none other than The Butcher, vile captain of The Charnel House. As the heroes approach the swirling melee formed around the Riverbreak fort and it's meager compliment of guardsmen The Butcher displays the depravity that he is infamous for, slaughtering the captain of the guard in gory fashion. 
The guardsmen, shaken by the bloody death of their captain, fought on desperately, but they were no match for the battle hardened raiders. 
Soldiers from Emeria, here to escort esteemed dignitaries, were also suffering under the attacks of the many raiders. 
The heroes assessed the situation and charged into action, singling out The Butcher as target for their most deadly attacks. In barely a minute these attacks felled the mighty warrior, his fall shaking the ground around where he now lay. 
Seeing their captain brought down, and seeing that their raid had been repelled, the remaining raiders ran, but not before flinging vials of alchemist's fire at the fort as they made their escape. 
So frantic were they, that some slipped, causing the alchemists fire in their hands to ignite, killing some, maiming others. The last of the raiders on the scene foolishly paused for a moment to assess the damage and chuckle at their handywork, it was the last thing he saw, as one of the heroes' arrows planted itself in his head. 
The heroes, injured and exhausted, were brought to The Wandering Rapier for rest. There they discovered, to their dismay, that the dignitaries that they had been escorting had, during the chaos of battle, been whisked away with teleportation magic!‚Äč


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